Chomsky and the three A’s

I always wondered how Hitler became so popular. Chomsky gave me the answer.
You need to tell the people what they want to hear:
The US is the Great Satan, capitalism is the root of all evil and eventually when the chips are down the Jewish or the rich people are the scapegoats. The combination of rich and Jewish is preferred even though „Jewish“ is not spoken out in recent years but only implied. Terms like „Zionist“ and the German “Israelkritik” are similar codewords that are commonly understood.

It’s astonishing that the propaganda of the Left did never really change over the centuries. Marxism, Leninism, Nazism and Stalinism are basically fruits from the same tree. People like to name things that they think separate those ideologies from another instead of naming what they have in common. For example the three A’s:
Anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism and anti-Semitism.

The only good thing is:
At the moment Marxists like Chomsky have not much power.
They are the appendix of history.
Or: Living fossils.

Does this mean they are ridiculous? Yes. Harmless? Maybe.
But keep in mind that an appendicitis can still kill you
and that living fossils are living fossils for a reason:
They never die out.

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